The World of MCs
Motorcycling is a popular hobby world-wide.  And like any other hobby, there are many sub-cultures within it.  The so-called "1%" world is one of those... clubs that fall under the general title of Outlaw Clubs, or Outlaw MCs.  Outlaw clubs have an extremely detailed code of behavior they enforce, and they will approach you if you have done something they deem to be "disrespectful" towards their club.  This could be something as innocuous as simply passing them on the freeway without acknowledging them, or attending a party or event where they are the "dominant club" present and you fail to at least introduce yourself upon arrival.  These rules have been agreed upon by the Confederation of Clubs (COC), a sort of "United Nations" that all 1%er MCs, as well as a vast number of  "legitimate" MCs, belong to.  Being a "motorcycle association" (as opposed to an MC), the CVMA is technically separate and aside from this world. Nevertheless, it would be naive to assume you'll never run across these folks, especially if you ride out-of-state.  And there's a good possibility that they won't necessarily know the CVMA does not fall under the COC, or follow its guidelines.  Consequently, it would behoove our members to at least be aware of this aspect of the motorcycle world, and if you so choose, to familiarize yourself with some of these rules and customs.  In this way, potential misunderstandings and/or confrontations can be avoided.  The following link is a vast wealth of insight for those who want to become more aware. 
- Stag

MC Education

Your Rights as a Motorcyclist in California

ABATE is the nation's foremost defender of motorcyclists' rights of the road.  Although you may not think about politics much, ABATE does that for you.  They have a full-time lobbyist in Sacramento who fights for our rights to enjoy our beautiful California roads, and do legislative battle against those who would want to limit those rights.  If you enjoy lane-splitting your way to work every day (and I know I do), you can thank the California ABATE for that.  If you can support them, please do.

ABATE of California